Keys Consulting
Keys Consulting
Chris Chapman and Cheryl Smith, Co-Project Managers, Washington Dept. of Ecology Beyond Waste project

Effective collaboration

People working together across differences and boundaries to get the right things done well… that is effective collaboration.

It starts with intention but requires a lot more. At Keys, we help you and your team, organization and stakeholders:

  • Build strong relationships through developing skills in communication, understanding and trust;
  • Develop a sense of confidence that you can complete complex and difficult tasks together;
  • Work through the conflicts that come up when people come from different points of view;
  • Have some fun doing the heavy lifting!

Our experience in teaching people collaborative skills and facilitating groups through difficult passages help to foster the energy and creativity that result in powerful collaboration for your team, organization and partners.

Improve your collaboration skills by calling Dee Endelman today.


  • Say why, ask why — From the time we are old enough to understand that something causes something else to happen, we are on a quest to understand “why” things happen.

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