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“Dee's ‘magic’ is honed from years of experience and a special personal energy. That ‘magic’ helps crystallize our thinking and move us along. She has a knack for knowing and offering exactly what will help a group. There is NO way the team could have had such a great day without her expert help!” — Manager-Human Resources, Sound Transit

Strategic conversations

Positive, creative change always starts with conversation.

Strategic conversations are ones that focus on:

  • Your desired future;
  • An honest assessment of your current reality; and
  • An open exchange of ideas about how to move towards your vision.

Inside the dilemmas that your organization experiences is a vision that those knotty problems are calling you to see. With help from Keys, you will:

  • Hold conversations that call forth the vision, fearlessly point to what stands in its way and build energy for your group to move forward together;
  • Have these conversations in a free and open atmosphere where your people can really listen to one another; and
  • Create ways to access your capacity for innovation.

Start your conversation by calling Dee Endelman today.


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