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“Dee has a mysterious ability to bring out the best in people, while never failing to tell the truth that organizations need to hear.” — Executive Director, Washington State Agency

Personal leadership

At the heart of organizational change and effectiveness is personal growth.

When you understand the keys to your own personal strengths and can use them effortlessly, you can create the conditions for success in your organization and your life.

We have years of coaching experience to help you:

  • Clarify your intended outcomes;
  • Obtain targeted feedback on your strengths and areas for development;
  • Create the changes in your personal approach that will result in success;
  • Learn and practice simple strategies to make these changes.

Discover your leadership strengths by calling Dee Endelman today.


  • Breaking bad habits — How organizational change is like quitting smoking.
  • Leading with Zen clarity — I never thought I’d start an article on leadership with a quote from an ancient Zen Master.  Until I realized that these lines guide me in my own work and life.
  • Saving your management sanity — In every dilemma, we are confronted by the limits of our influence.

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